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62June 22, 2021Don

The losing team should then be required to also sign the scoresheet, in order to keep the winner from rushing to sign it to keep from losing their last point. Perhaps the time limit should instead be "when the Referee Leaves the court"

62June 25, 2021Bill

I had also submitted a change on this same issue (and it was flagged as a duplicate of this item). I recommend changing it to the point that the referee or any player leaves the court. At the end of a match, it takes a bit of time for the referee to gather the ball, mark the score sheet properly and have one of the winners initial the recorded scores. This amount of time is typically longer that the time between rallies during normal play. If someone wishes to challenge an incorrect player or position (or appeal an "out" call), this should be done promptly. It is also very difficult to call players back to a court once they have left they have left.

 Rule Change ID Submitted From Comment