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582July 6, 2022Beth

Reasonable request but the new language should clarify that the chosen ball shall be a ball provided by the TD (assuming this rule change was not intended for non tournament play).

582July 6, 2022Maria

Good add from a rules perspective. Also agree with Beth.

582July 7, 2022Walt

There may be other reasons the current ball can't be used besides 11.E. The ball may have been hit over the fence or rolls across many courts. The referee normally has 2 pickleballs and, in the interest of keeping the game moving, should use the other ball and not wait for the 'missing' ball to come back to the court.

582July 11, 2022Kevin

The rule book is already long enough. Perhaps the rules committee should institute a "rule" that to add a rule you have to remove a rule so that the rulebook doesn't get any longer. It is OK to do some things by tradition and consensus rather than codifying it.

582July 27, 2022Tim

This proposed change just seems unnecessary. In tournaments, the ball is provided by the tournament director and I defy anyone to show that one ball plays differently from another ball, unless one is brand new and the other has been used.

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