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570July 6, 2022Stan

The ATP is a high risk skill/shot that adds an exciting element to the game. It is not an unfair advantage for the hitting team. Many players have developed the skill to not only anticipate the impending ATP, but also place themselves in a position where they can defend the ATP with success. The is no justification to eliminate the ATP.

570July 6, 2022Beth

Agree with Stan, no need to change the rule. ATPs are defended frequently by players anticipating the this and moving into position to defend.

570July 8, 2022Thomas

The rule allowing shots from outside the sideline area back into a court is sometimes the only return shot available. This shot can be defended and should be allowed.

570July 11, 2022Kevin

It seems that if you eliminate the ATP because it is so hard to return you would then need to eliminate that cross court, close to the net shot that is impossible to return except by using an ATP. While we are at it perhaps we should eliminate overhead smashes at a person's feet cause they are really hard to return, passing shots down the line and I don't really like returning lobs either.............................................................

570July 12, 2022Darla

Wellll, the ATP opportunity exists because the team that will need to defend the ATP sent a risky shot at a such a wide angle that the ATP shot became possible. Don't punish the ATP team for a "mistake" that the other team created -- setting up the shot opportunity. If you don't think there should be ATP's, then don't set up that shot by setting the previous shot up to bounce at a deep angle that far off the court.

570July 14, 2022Chuck

Agree with the others, there is no need to change the rule. ATPs are defended frequently by players anticipating this and moving into a position to defend against it. This is one of the unique features of the game that definitely needs to be kept.

570July 27, 2022Tim

I disagree with this proposed change. The fact is that your wide cross court shot gave your opponents the opportunity to hit the ATP shot. So, it's your fault that your opponents gained this advantage. It's no different than saying that your opponents shouldn't be allowed to hit an overhead smash if you serve up a short lob. Also, saying that "the receiving team does not have a oportunidade to return the ball" is completely untrue. If you recognize that your opponents may try an ATP, you can position yourself to return it.

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