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569June 30, 2022Michael

This should apply in singles as well.

569July 9, 2022Beth

Unnecessary change. This change might be necessary if this 'glaring loophole' was being exploited but, it's not (as documented in the submission). If players thought they could gain some sort of an advantage by running onto the court late to a rally in progress, it would be happening more and more frequently. Referees are not having difficulty handling this 'loophole' (which would be a valid/necessary reason to make a rule change) primarily because it isn't being exploited but also because referees have rules that allow them to handle the situation if/when it occurs.

569July 12, 2022Kevin

In either case the wording should be changed to "the correct end of the court" rather than side of the net. Sides have been redefined to refer to the right and left "side" of each "end" of the court.

569July 27, 2022Tim

This seems unnecessary. If the ref feels that a player is doing something deceptive in order to cheat, there are other ways to deal with that.

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