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568July 5, 2022Randi

I believe it would be an improvement if the rules specified that players could not wear clothing (especially above the waist) that are very close in color to the ball specified for use in the tournament. That is one reason why the color and make of the ball are required to be disclosed at registration for USAP Sanctioned events.

568July 6, 2022Beth

I disagree. I think a rule should be added to allow referees to require players to change apparel that they deem is distracting. Shirts/shorts the color of the ball is distracting.

568July 7, 2022Walt

Masking or camouflaging the ball by wearing clothing that resembles the ball color would give the advantage to the player wearing the distracting color to hide the ball and give the opponent less reaction time. We know what the ball color will be and can wear something that contrasts with it as well. Seems to me this borders on unethical behaviour to look for a chink in the rules to gain an unfair advantage over your opponent(s).

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