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550July 6, 2022Beth

Agree with this recommendation. Additional reasoning...since the server now can begin their motion while the score is being called, the receiver often has no time to stop play for a wrong score before the ball is struck.

550July 9, 2022Walt

Agree. Not sure if the sentence should end with: the result is a fault "against the receiving team."

550July 11, 2022Kevin

Disagree. Leave the rule as is. The original post implies that the opponent only has until the ball is served to correct the score. That is not correct. Once the rally is finished the score can be corrected and a determination can be made as to whether the incorrect score call affected play.

This is actually beneficial to the receiving team. If you allow the score to be challenged after the serve is struck the rules also have to state what happens if the player stops play but the score was called correctly. In all instances prior to 2022 if you stopped play and the score was found to be correctly called the team that stopped play would suffer a fault. There is not that much time between the serve and the service return. How many times have you seen the score challenged and it turns out the score was called correctly. Under the old rules it was always better to let the rally play out and not risk being wrong on your challenge. Play out the point, get the score corrected, determine if a replay is justified and move on. Players should be taught this from day one. Don't stop play to correct the score.

 Rule Change ID Submitted From Comment