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544June 29, 2022Marsha

Referees should be able to correct errors when recognized. The current rule is the only rules that prohibits the referee from correcting an error. In addition, the rule faults a player for recognizing an error made by a referee. The rule can be construed as “bait” to call a fault against a player. It also seems illogical to allow play to continue without an opportunity to correct a known error. Returning the rule to the previous version that was in place for many years with no major issues prior to the 2021 and 2022 changes gives the referee and players sufficient time to recognize and correct a score call error before a rally ensues. Suggested wording:

If the wrong score is called, the referee or any player may stop play before the return of serve to correct the score. The rally shall be restarted with the correct score called.
After the return of serve, play shall continue to the end of the rally and the score correction made before the next serve.
After the return of serve, a player who stops play to identify or ask for a score correction will have committed a fault and shall lose the rally.

 Rule Change ID Submitted From Comment