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526June 24, 2022Walt

I agree that clothing can be a distraction and can mask the ball which limits the amount of time an opponent has to react.

526July 5, 2022Randi

I am in favor of this change.

526July 6, 2022Beth

I think referees should have the authority to make a player change apparel if they deem the apparel distracting. Some TDs don't like to get involved and more players are wearing shirts, shorts, shoes the color of the ball.

526July 9, 2022Walt

As a TD, I asked a player change their shirt or accept a forfeit. They changed to the 'free' tournament shirt. I also list clothing color restrictions in pre-tournament instructions sent to all players in sufficient time to pack the appropriate clothing before they travel to the tournament. This rule should eliminate the problem.

526July 11, 2022Dotti

what about revealing sports bras? Men players and even women try not to sign up with the “breast” distraction.

526July 13, 2022Stan

Curious, are we talking only solid color shirts, shorts, skirts, leggings, etc.? Seems striped, checkered, tie-dyed, etc. clothing that includes the ball color in the design could also be deemed "inappropriate" or "distracting" to the opponent. As a sports official for many years, one of the most irritating burdens placed on us was being the "uniform police." I am not in favor of creating a rule to ban certain clothing, and I'm most definitely not in favor of making a referee enforce such a ban. Leave the current practice "as is" and up to the TD.

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