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524June 29, 2022Marsha

Exciting elements have been added to pickleball over the years by creative players seeking to play the game to their advantage. The Erne and backhand serve are examples of maneuvers that were initially challenged and frowned upon because they were confusing and difficult for players to return but are within the scope of the rules and have become part of everyday pickleball.

Imparting spin on the ball during the serve is no different. The spin serve and power serve were developed by high level tournament players (pros) vying for prize money as a means of having an advantage over their opponents. Other players like to emulate the pros, so some have worked to master their own spin serves. Receivers initially had difficulty returning such serves but over time have trained and become more successful at returning the aggressive serves.

In addition, the percentage of players using spin serves is minimal in comparison to the total number of pickleball players. The vast majority of players use non-aggressive serves to start the rally. Players who do not want to be subjected to aggressive serves have the option of not playing with players who use them.

The spin serve is not prohibited by the rules of the game that have been in place since their inception in 1965 and has been around for at least five years in the pro ranks. Consider what pickleball would be like if the Erne had been prohibited.

524July 6, 2022Beth

I agree with the Marsha's 6/29 comment.

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