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502July 11, 2022Kevin


502June 29, 2022DennisTPM

There is really no need for this proposal. Are we really going to possibly have a situation where a player loses a critical rally because of a bad toss? In tennis a player isn't forced to hit a serve if the toss is bad.

The 10 second rule takes care of a player trying to create excessive spin on the toss. If the toss is errant he has 10 seconds to retrieve the ball and attempt to re-serve it.

What happens with the drop serve? Under this proposal, if a player accidentally drops the ball off his shoe and it starts to bounce away, he would be forced to chase the ball and hit it before he crosses any of the service box boundaries. This would make for amusing entertainment, but not good pickleball.

502July 6, 2022beth

This doesn't happen often enough to warrant a rule change. This would impact a lot of other rules that are based on the serve being the strike of the ball (correct receiver/server, correct position, score, timeout).

502July 27, 2022Tim

This proposed change would make serving more difficult in the wind. The best way to solve this issue of spin serves is to require that the ball be dropped (not tossed) and that it must bounce before being struck.

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