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438June 29, 2022DARIN

Disagree. The NVZ line is part of the kitchen for the receivers. Why would it not be the same for the serving team?

438July 6, 2022Beth

Disagree. Pickleball in not every other sport. The NVZ line is IN the defined 7' Non Volley Zone area. The proposal would require re-lining every court and players would be allowed to step on the NVZ line when volleying. Unless the court size is changed the NVZ would then become 2" shorter which would not be a good thing unless you're one of the 7' players that can nearly reach the net from the NVZ line already.

438July 12, 2022Darla

All lines are IN, including the NVZ line. It's *in* the non-volley zone. All lines are *in* the area that they are defining. That line is defining the NVZ, so it's *in* the NVZ. Again, all lines are in. If the ball hits the NVZ line on a serve, it hit *in* the kitchen, so it's a fault (it's not "out").

438July 27, 2022Tim

This is an unnecessary change. As a life long tennis player, learning that the serve is out if it lands on the NVZ line took all of a couple of seconds. Would it now make it legal to step on the NVZ line? We don't need to make the NVZ any smaller, even if it is by only a couple of inches.

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