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404July 6, 2022Beth

Many times the losing team does not stick around to sign the scoresheet.

404July 11, 2022Kevin

I think there is a benefit to this rule change since it could take some time for the score card to be returned. Perhaps wording to the effect that the appeal has to occur prior to the teams signing the scorecard or leaving the court, whichever occurs first. Once you have walked off the court you should not be able to appeal the

It is unlikely that the winning team is going to appeal the call since they just won the match. Why would they appeal?

The most likely reason the losing team is going to appeal after they have left the court is because one of their fans points out to them that there was a server/position fault on the last point and they player should go back and protest the point. Do we really want to allow this coaching by spectators to affect the outcome?

404July 13, 2022Brian L

We have spent the good part of three hours during the last two meetings discussing player “position” questions to referees during matches. Holy smokes? How do non-refereed matches get around these questions? The problem is as I see it is that the referees are the problem. This is proven by the simple fact that we have spent most of two meetings discussing questions that cause consternation and confusion even amongst ourselves of which most are experienced referees!

In my mind, referees should not be trying to play “Jeopardy” with the players by justifying “violations” with the expedient of “you didn’t ask the right question at the right time in the right sequence”! This makes us not only look stupid … but the villain as well. This is completely nuts! The solution is right before us … ANSWER ALL THE QUESTIONS ASKED AND UNASKED! It is our job to make sure players are in the right positions and the correct server but ONLY when they ask!. How simple is that? Do the players have a responsibility as well? … Yes of course they do. Since every time the referee has to correct player positions it interrupts the flow of the game. This is now a new issue. The referee can resolve this “delay of game tactic” simply with the warning system … i.e. verbal, TW and TF with a +or- point.

In summary … Don’t pussy foot around … if a player asks if they are in the right position tell them yes or no including the score. These players are not stupid … they know the rules. Why do we as referees want to catch them in an incorrect position, incorrect server? Is it good for the game? Does it play well with the spectators? If it is confusing to the referees, it is certainly confusing to the players and spectators. The enjoyment, the fairness and the honor of the game is certainly undermined when the referee is not forthcoming regarding player position/server questions.

 Rule Change ID Submitted From Comment