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40June 2, 2021Mary

I dislike this suggested rule change. It will slow down the game.

40June 3, 2021Peter

I do not see the benefit of the second serve. Pickleball is not tennis and it will slow down the game (many times, players are waiting for the game to conclude, due to limited court availability).

40June 6, 2021Darla

This isn't tennis. No thanks to changing this rule in pickleball. One serve is plenty.

40June 20, 2021Alan

I feel implementing this change would have two consequential side effects that I would argue against implementing this rule.

1) A second serve has the potential to extend the time required to complete a game.

2) It introduces the ability to be really aggressive on a first serve which goes against the idea of the rally being where the point should be earned and not the serve. The receiving team/player in pickleball should have the advantage at the start and not the serving team.

40June 20, 2021Melody

Giving a second serve opportunity will encourage more players to attempt serves that press the envelope on illegal verses legal motions, since they get a replay. There should be a distinct penalty for illegal serves and the player should not get a do over.

40June 20, 2021Marsha

Disagree. This is pickleball, not tennis. A second serve is not necessary since players can accurately serve the ball the vast majority of the time.

40June 25, 2021Kevin

Disagree. 1 serve is all that is needed.

40June 25, 2021Aimee

Disagree. You already get a second serve by your partner serving again.

40June 26, 2021Bill

Disagree. Most players (in tournaments) know how to serve.

40June 30, 2021Kevin

0-0-Start or 0-0-2 makes no big difference to me but I would not suggest the team serving first get 2 serves. It's like grade school when you pick teams. Do you want first pick or next two. This lessens the advantage of the team that serves first. If the first team were to get 2 serves it gives a bigger advantage to them.

40July 5, 2021Bill

This rule change would greatly increase the time required for a game.

40July 6, 2021Terry

I believe the rule should stand to equalize the potential scoring possibilities for the first serving team compared to the receiving team

40July 9, 2021Dave

If you allow the starting team to have two serves the advantage will be overwhelming and unfair. To the point of being unsportsmanlike. The game only goes to eleven. I have been pickled 25 times. With that rule it would have been closer to 50. Getting pickled is no fun. The receiving team will often be severely behind before they even get a chance to serve. IF they get a chance to serve. Such a game will probably last for about…2 minutes. Simply put, the starting team will win the vast majority of the games.

40July 14, 2021David

This is unnecessary. The team that wins the toss will have too much advantage. Beginners will eventually learn the correct score. Bad rule change.

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