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399May 28, 2022Ross

Agree. But not critical. I have not seen an issue with this in practice. However the text proposed provides clarity.

399June 10, 2022Tom

I've never seen anyone try to spin the ball during the release with a drop serve. Went to youtube, could not find anything about it. Seems to me the only thing it would do is make it more difficult to find the ball to hit the serve. Disagree - spin away.

399July 11, 2022Dale

Seem to me the to spin with top spin or back spin, you are lifting up or pushing down on one side of the ball or the other. I guess you may be able to hold the ball upside down and spin it sideways, letting to ball drop and still be legal. I have not seen that yet.

399July 27, 2022Tim

This should be the only way that a serve should be allowed.

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