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392May 28, 2022Ross

In general, the idea is right. The wording could be more net. We want good sportsmanship in the game. Win because of your skill, not your memory. So just make it so that you can ask the referee or opponent if there is no referee.

392June 9, 2022Tom

The proposed change may have merit. I'm amazed that an opponent would not reply to a servers request to verify the score as I view this as very poor sportsmanship and actually makes it rather sad that this rule change would become necessary. I've never seen this happen.So, possibly the last sentence of the author's proposal could be changed to:
"In a match without referees, the opponent shall assist the server in verifying the score if requested."

392July 6, 2022Beth

Agree there is some merit in adding only "or their opponents in non-officiated play" to the rule. The other words are not necessary.

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