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386May 31, 2022Owen

Isn't Scenario 1,2, and 4 covered by the current 4.M rules and the Serving team would have faulted.

And Scenario 3 is covered by 4.N so the Serving team would get a point?

386June 9, 2022tom

There has been a lot of confusion and discussion about this, therefore this proposal may have merit. It's wordy and could possibly be trimmed but I believe it is worth of further study.

386July 6, 2022Beth

Agree that the rule should address how to handle play stoppage when a player is out of position based on a wrong score called.

386July 11, 2022Kevin

Whether there is a replay is dependent upon whether it is a refereed or nonrefereed game.

In either instance once the serve has been struck if a player stops play because of an incorrect score being called it will be a fault. This is a significant change from previous versions of the rule. Last year's rule said that the player could stop play up until the time the third shot was struck. Prior to that it had to be before the ball was returned. Each of those definitions has its own set of problems, I happen to agree with the 2022 wording as being the most workable, but I won't comment further on what the cutoff should be to stop play. It does not matter whether the server or the referee called the score it is a fault. It doesn't matter if the score is correct or incorrect it is a fault.

The rule does not state what happens if an incorrect score is called. To determine what happens it is important to know who made the error and what affect it had on play.

If the referee makes the error it is much more likely that a replay will occur because it is the referee's error. If the serving team faults because the serving team called the score wrong then there typically won't be a replay. In the first instance the serving team should not be faulted for the referee's error. In the second instance the serving team "owns" the error because they are the ones that made the call.

There may be instances where the receiving team will have a legitimate claim to a replay due to an incorrect score called but the serving team does not in game without a referee.

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