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371May 28, 2022Randi

Since rule 4.B.7. Partner Positions says: In doubles, with the exception of the server (see 4.A.4) there is no restriction on the position of any player, as long as all players are on their respective team’s side of the net. They can be positioned on or off the court. The correct server must serve from the correct service court, and the correct receiver must receive the serve.

Anytime a receiving team player asks if they are in the correct position, the answer is ALWAYS yes if they are positioned anywhere on their respective team’s end of the court on their side of the net. The only question receiving team players can ask that has a yes or no answer is if they are the correct receiver.

371June 10, 2022Tom

I disagree with this proposed rule change. If this wording were adopted, a reciever would be unable to ask "Am I the correct reciever?" That's the fundamental question, not the "position" question. In other words, I agree with Randi.

371July 6, 2022Maria

For me this is simple:
1. Players need to be held accountable to know who the correct server/receive if, their score, and where they should be positioned based on their score.

371July 6, 2022Maria

We are spending much too much time on this 'Am I the Right Receiver?' question. It has come up on way too many Referee Conference Calls. Maybe we just need to go to one question allowed regarding positioning 'Am I good?' or 'Are we good?'

371July 12, 2022Margot

I agree that the question about being the correct receiver can be confusing to the player under certain conditions. There is really no reason for this question to be asked as it would be a server fault first if the server was wrong or out of position. I would rather be able to respond to whether the receiver was in the correct or incorrect position based on the score. So, I would like to see the question of "Am I the correct server?" removed.

371July 13, 2022Marsha

"Am I the correct receiver?" is a valid question. Players ask this when they are lined up diagonally from a player who has the ball to serve but the player asking the question believes the player with the ball is not the correct server. I have had many players ask this question and they have not been confused when I answer "no"; they have never changed positions. The question and "no" answer does usually tip off the serving team that something is amiss with their positioning or sequence, so then the player with the ball will usually ask, "Am I the correct server?"

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