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369May 11, 2022Stewart

I agree completely with this proposed rule change. The one-handed spin serve has been mastered by numerous ameture players, completely changing the nature of the game. Many or even most of these serves are unreturnable or at best weakly returned, so that the points are over within a couple shots. It is fast becoming a game of "whoever has the best spin serve wins". The game is not very much fun anymore. Please bring back Pickleball by outlawing this aberration of a shot.

369May 11, 2022Stewart

Do not wait until next year to outlaw the spin serve. Why ruin the remaining tournaments this year. This serve now dominates the game for those who have mastered it. Not very fun to spend the money to enter a tournament just to get knocked out by someone who uses a gimmick serve.

369May 22, 2022Mary Ann

I agree wholeheartedly. This is simply a trick serve and makes the game boring (except for the server). With games being short enough as it is, why make them shorter? With trick serves a game can be done in 5 minutes. Really? Is that what you want USAPA? Take a survey of the players who have made this sport grow (all the non-pros) so wildly and see what the consensus is.

369May 22, 2022Mary Ann

Remember the days of Pete Sampras in tennis? ("Serve - return - volley - point over" ... how boring was that!) That's what will happen when more people develop an unreturnable trick serve. If players want to try to win on a serve, then make them have to perfect placement and/or power.

369May 25, 2022DARIN

This is top priority. The spin serves need to go away. There is no other time in the game where the hand is allowed to manipulate the ball. It's not allowed in table tennis because it creates a massive advantage. Pickleball should follow suit because the longer it is allowed the better people will be at creating an unfair advantage.

369June 1, 2022Nick

The spin toss must be banned because it dramatically increases the chaos potential of the serve and fundamentally changes the responsibilities of the receiver and the receiver's partner.

Without spin toss: the receiver need only read the server's paddle movement, the ball trajectory, and the ball speed. Once read, the receiver can be well informed of the serve in order to make an athletic movement towards where it will be handled best. The receiver's partner need only worry about court positioning and watching the serve land in or out.

With spin toss: the receiver must now add to their responsibilities reading the server's finger movements from 50+ feet away. Despite many YouTubers claims, reading this can be very, very difficult and often incorrect. After the toss the receiver must also be hyper focused on reacting to the movement of the ball after it bounces, leaving them almost totally unable to position well for a confident return. In addition, the receiver's partner must attempt to scrutinize the server's finger movements and then signal what was read to their partner, who now has a new responsibility - watching the partner's signal rather than server paddle movement, ball trajectory, etc.

Finally, the spin toss is categorically antithetical to the other serve rules (below waist, upward motion, paddle below wrist) that clearly establish a design principle of the sport: minimizing the impact of the serve. Within the boundaries of those design principles, higher level players are still able to vary pace and spin sufficiently to keep the serve an interesting weapon. Adding the spin toss however elevates the serve far too much and should be seen as akin to allowing overhead serves.

369June 1, 2022Corne

I agree completely with this proposed rule change. It completely changes the game to a serve orientated game.

369June 9, 2022Chuck

I agree completely with others regarding this proposed rule change. It completely changes the game to a serve orientated game as opposed to the serve being intented to just start the game.

369June 12, 2022Tom

I disagree with this proposed rule change. The "chainsaw" serve has been banned. Now players are learning how to create a "kick-serve," similar to tennis, which also has other types of serves (twist, flat, etc.). If this is allowed, and the trend continues, it won't be long before a server is told he has to hold the ball with 5 fingers during the release, palm down, vertical toss with no angle, and chest perpendicular to the baseline. Also, players are getting good at disguising this serve so it could be difficult for a ref to call.
"fault - you spun the ball!"
"I did not!"
To the server, I say spin away. To the reciever, I say, figure it out.

369June 16, 2022Zane

The underlying assumption that there is a similar amount of missed returns as last year is false. Players are adjusting to the spin serves, and returns are not being missed at the same rate as 2021.

369June 24, 2022Sharon

I totally agree with the proposal to ban the one-handed spin serve.
The one-handed spin serve ‘unlevels’ the playing field that Barney McCallum and his friends, who created pickleball, strove so hard to attain.
Instead, those players who are adept at the one-handed spin serve can dominate a game and undo every bit of it’s evenness.
Tennis anyone? Oh yes, that game. Exactly what the spin serve offers, instead of a game that is fun and exciting with long rallies and skillful play.
Let’s ban this serve and keep pickleball as it was intended, for all players, from the newbies to the professionals.

369June 24, 2022keith

I support the proposal to eliminate the One-handed pre-Spin Serve.

1. What makes pickleball exciting are its rallies. Pickleball is a game of rallies. One-handed spin serve aces are boring and result in fewer rallies. What are the most exciting edits from a video of a pickleball match? The rallies! Who wants to view one-handed spin serve aces? Take a video camera or iPhone and shoot close-ups of the one-handed pre-spin serve in slow motion. It just doesn’t look right? Serve, return and the point and rally is a go. Ace or return error, not so desirable…………..

2. Pickleball was designed with the serving team at a disadvantage since the two-bounce rule allows for an up player at the NVL for the returning team. The serving team should, therefore, not have an advantage, that the one-handed spin serve imparts.

3. Modern pickleball paddles allow for power serving and some spin, thus no need exists for a spin serve. How lucky for pickleball players that there are tight rules for the size and surface texture of paddles, which maintains the perfect balance the founders enshrined in the design of the game.

4. Pickleball is not tennis. Much of the hitting, pace and strategies are the opposite of tennis. Why try to make the game more tennis-like with more aces through a one-handed spin serve?

369June 28, 2022Damon

Agree completely. The spin serves are still having the same affect as the chainsaw had, which detracts from the intent of how the game was designed, the playability to the general population, and the watch ability of the sport. Whether we need to go to drop serves only, change it to allow only dropping the ball while specifically defining no spin to be imparted, or how the exact definition needs to best be employed for enforcement I am not sure, but this definitely adversely affects the sport. As others have mentioned, it leads to a more serve-centric serve and volley game that isn't as fun to watch or play.

369June 28, 2022YW

I agree that the spin serve should be banned from the game. It gives an advantage to the server that was not intended to be within the original spirit of Pickleball. I hear supporters of the spin server say to figure it out because you can learn to spot the spin direction imparted by the server's hand. It's an additional "skill" for us to learn in Pickleball, one that was not required before and intrinsic to the origins of the game.

Also, what about those of us who are senior with not-so-great eyesight, vision-challenged, if you will? It's not so easy for us to spot the spin from 44+ feet away, especially when it's done quickly.

369June 28, 2022Shelly

Outlaw this trick serve please. Larger hand folks have an advantage in performing this serve. This serve ruins the game as the serves are not returnable. The game is no longer fun as scores are blowouts.

369June 29, 2022Steve

Please ban this serve. The other serving rules are designed to minimize the impact of the serve so it is not a dominating shot. Being able to use the hand to impart spin goes against these rules and creates a massive server advantage.

369July 6, 2022Beth

The rules implemented for 2022 are sufficient regarding spin serves. Players impart spin on the serve with their paddle that makes their serve difficult to return. Spin imparted with a single (unaltered, unassisted) hand isn't any more difficult to return than a paddle-spun ball. Although some players are developing one-handed spin serves (and posting how-to videos on how they execute such) rarely, in my experience is the one-handed spin any more effective than a good paddle-spin. Additionally, as cited by the rules committee when implementing the 2022 changes, there is always some spin when a ball is dropped from the hand; how much is spin is too much? Adding this rule will require a referee to determine a player's intent to spin and whether the spin is more than 'normal' spin. For these reasons, the current rules regarding one-handed spin should not be changed.

369July 6, 2022Pamella

I feel that the two existing serves available (volley & drop) are sufficient to begin the game. This rule change would neutralize the serve by eliminating pre-spin which may give an unfair advantage to those that can utilize this skill over someone who may have limitations to perform this maneuver; such as missing fingers, deformed hand, arthritic joints etc. Eliminating pre-spin would minimize unfair advantages over others before rallies begin. Let players win by their rallies - not their serves.

369July 7, 2022Julie

I am in agreement with this change proposal. The spin serve should not be allowed. The intent of the underhand serve and the bounce return was so the point was not won off of only two strikes of the ball. The spin serve gives an unfair advantage as seen when several pros cannot even return the ball.

369July 9, 2022Melody

I feel the current amount of spin should continue to be allowed. There are many serves that are advantageous. For example serving to the upper corner near the NVZ. This is a great serve for players that master it. The spin serve is a great serve for players that master it. Likewise, a receiver can master returning these serves. Will the rule book get to the point of outlawing any shot a player masters that is hard for the opponent to return? I do not believe that is a direction the rule book should go. From a referee perspective, any toss can have some spin. How much spin would be allowed? Where will we draw the line between legal spin and illegal amount of spin? This would be hard to have referees apply it consistently across the nation. I am not in favor of changing the current service rule.

369July 10, 2022Bill

This is silly. Do you think service aces should be banned from tennis?

369July 11, 2022Howard

I have seen the winner of matches determined by how good of a spin serve one or the other play employees - levels 5.0 and below, numerous times in 2022. If USAP wants the serve to be the primary factor to occasionally determine the winner, then let this rule stand. If USAP wants the "whole skill set" to determine the winner, then the spin serve should be removed as a valid serve. The spin serve stands out as a much more difficult serve to return, compared to a "hard" serve, or "well-placed' serve, that a server may occasionally be fortunate enough to execute.

369July 12, 2022James

I agree with this rule change. The spin serve, either via the chainsaw method or the one-handed method, is contrary to the spirit of the game. What fuels the increasing popularity of our sport is how easy the game is to learn how to play and how quickly novices can begin to play out rallies. If the spin serve is allowed to continue un-checked it will become the focal point of each rally. And I cannot imagine a greater deterrent to a new player than having to be on the receiving end of a spin serve. The intent of the underhand serve was to ensure that the serve in Pickleball was not the dominant shot. I believe that the longer the spin serve is allowed the continue, the harder it will be to ban it and the greater the damage will be to the sport we all love

369July 13, 2022Scott

These extreme spin serves should be banned. I've played against some serious spinners and the game loses it's fun.

If you want to keep the game fun, these serves are just too much.

369July 13, 2022Wes

I agree completely. The spin serve is a gimmick and does not emphasize any skill that translates to the rest of the game.

369July 15, 2022Matthew

Please ban the soon serve in all ways. Doesn’t help the game in anyway. Makes the game seem silly if you can master snapping your fingers and make the point less interesting and fun to play. Please do the smart thing and ban it so we can get on with quality points and keep the slight advantage for the receiving team. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration of this matter. Ban it!!!

369July 15, 2022Kim

Totally agree with banning all service pre-spin.

369July 16, 2022Chuck

Just experienced today why the spin serve should be taken out of the game. In a tournament which was open age 3.5 in 7 games our teams point differential was 51 so we were playing well and are decent players. We ended up winning bronze but got knocked out of the gold medal game where one player had an excellent spin serve( not complaining be cause it is legal, so got for him) however we lost this game 15-2 and only served twice. Maybe it was because we had never played against a good spin serve and we’re slow to react, it could be that my old 67 yr old body wasn’t mobile enough to adjust but the bottom line is we seldom had a rally more than three shots and we lost 10-11 points on serve. The team that beat us were not strong players but this one serve changed to game completely. The team that beat us did win the gold. It is not because we lost that I think the spin serve should be banned but because it so dramatically changed the game. That being said I am going to arrange practice with some people that spin serve so I don’t get surprised again.

369July 19, 2022Kyle

Unnecessary to add. Already limited by one hand uncovered. If individuals are experiencing weak returns, the server either needs to move up or the returners need to move down (in ratings).

369July 21, 2022Scot

The biggest objection to the spin is that is detracts from the rally of the game. I’am 5 foot six and my biggest complaint that detracts from the rally of the game is anyone over 6 feet. They are hard to lob over, hard to pass, their overheads are devastating, they can reach in the kitchen and take time away from you. Why aren’t you complaining about tall
People? I use the spin serve which has taken me 10 months to learn in an effort to counter their huge advantage. You don’t see me asking for a rule change to get rid of tall people. Instead I look for ways to improve my game like the spin serve. If you would take a little time in learning the serve you will learn to counter it.
Remember how affective the around the post used to be? Now everyone is countering it.

369July 23, 2022Mike

Similar to the table tennis serve. A player should not be allowed to purposely impart spin upon releasing the ball for a serve. This is destroying the game

369July 23, 2022Duby

As to how much spin is too much. It’s very obvious when one is imparting spin on purpose. If a ref can’t figure that out maybe he should not consider referring

369July 26, 2022John

The pre spun serve changes a rally based game, the game we know and enjoy, to a serve based game. The pre spun serve fundamentally changes the basis for pickleball, a game enjoying great success and growth. When comparing a game on the rise to tennis, a game on the decline, one needs to look no further than the average amount of play for an hour spent on the court. An hour on the tennis court will produce 12 minutes of actual play and a lot of ball fetching at the 4.0 level. An hour on the Pickleball court produces 29 minutes of play. A smaller court and the rally nature of the game produces this longer play time when compared to tennis. Pickleball is not a game that produces a frequent serve-and-a-miss, like tennis. Making Pickleball into such a game would require the teaching of the pre spun serve so a player could remain competitive. Many players would be unable to master the technique, such players would be very likely to quit the game since it would be very diffucult for such players to compete with those who could use the pre spun serve. Those who could master the technique would cause the game to devolve into serving contests. Why would any sport allow fundamental changes to a wildly successful game? Not all innovations are a positive. The pre spun is one of those innovations. Please outlaw pre spun serves and keep pickleball a rally based game.

369July 27, 2022Tim

I agree with this rule change and think that it should go further so that, for all serves, the ball must be dropped (not tossed) and bounce before being struck. As the rules now stand, you cannot hit a backspin serve unless the ball is bounced - that's unnecessarily confusing. Mandating that the ball bounce before being struck will also remove the controversies over whether a serve has been hit above the waist, with an upward motion, or with the wrist above the face of the paddle. Mandate that the ball must be dropped (not tossed) and bounce before being struck and the server can do anything that he/she wants to do when striking the ball.

369July 29, 2022John

I enthusiastically support leaving the rule as it currently stands in 2022. The one-handed spin serve has added a new dimension to the game. I've read and studied how to develop it myself and how to defend against it. Every time I play someone recreationally who has trouble with it, I offer to explain the basics to them so they can effectively defend the serve. In tournaments, it's a more competitive situation. Some people drill ATPs and Ernie's. I focus on the serve. I don't think it is devastating to my tournament opponents, but it does induce weaker returns that occasionally might translate into a point for my team.

The bottom line is that I see it as one of dozens of skills that I am working on to improve my game. It's certainly not an unfair advantage...everyone can develop it.

Please REJECT this proposed rule change.

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