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361May 11, 2022Howard

There is no need to make the court smaller
for singles. I am 66 years old and have no problem playing singles on the full court. I see tournament players @ 70+ And 75+ playing. Pickleball is a doubles game so very few people play singles.
Finally adding more lines on many courts will totally mess up players trying to play on multi-purpose courts.

361May 28, 2022Ross

No. I agree with Howard. interesting idea, but more lines will just be awful

361June 19, 2022Tyler

This feels like a rule that is seeking to increase the popularity of singles based on conditions 5 years old. With the explosive growth, singles is making ground at an incredible rate and the court is a good size for singles play. I agree with other commenters that additional lines would clutter the court and the size is sufficient for intermediate-->pro and still has the skinny singles option for those looking for a slower paced match.

361July 27, 2022Tim

I disagree with this proposed change. The court is small enough and has enough lines, already!

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