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360May 28, 2022Ross

Agree. Degraded and soft are examples of what the referee or group consensus in non-officiated play should determine in addition to cracked and broken.

360June 11, 2022Marsha

I agree that the rules should address the criteria for replacing a degraded ball - player consensus.

360June 11, 2022Tom

Agree. This seems reasonable. But perhaps instead of "degraded, soft, broken, or cracked," simply say "degraded," which could in essence, cover everything.

360June 23, 2022Walt

I agree. Some tournaments use balls for too many matches and their performance degrades. Is it possible to replace the balls after, say, 4-5 hours of play? For double elimination brackets does it make sense to start both medal matches with new balls? How often are balls replaced when the pros play?

360July 6, 2022Beth

Although it makes sense that any ball that isn't functioning as it should could be replaced when a player brings it to a referee or opponent (soft, cracked, out of round). No harm in making the rule more general (degraded or damaged?)

 Rule Change ID Submitted From Comment