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34July 5, 2021Bill

... unless the player can clearly see that the ball contacted the court outside the line.

34June 25, 2021joe

In/Out line calls stimulate the most controversy I've experienced in matches. I believe that is true because the present rule book is unclear. Most players play under the "suggested" rule that if an opponent calls a ball out it is out and not just a matter of good sportsmanship to remain silent even if there is disagreement between the calling team members. I believe the USAP rule book should clearly state what is a rule and what is recommended to encourage sportsmanship and harmonious play. Do overs are not generally part of the game and could become intolerable if used to resolve all the disputes that may arise if every action can be disputed. However; few beginners and many long time players do not pay attention to the point of contact when calling balls in or out and instead rely exclusively on visual observation, even from across the court or worse that the ball must have been out because it was unreachable.

 Rule Change ID Submitted From Comment