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323June 11, 2022Tom

Disagree. The current rule as written is adequate. Yes, there are sometimes situations where a head ref and/or a tournament director makes a call contrary to a rule. They have that authority. I understand the frustration that players feels when this happens, but it is what it is, and I suspect the call is made "for the good of the tournament." Like when a player (yes, one of the pros), was late for his center-court gold medal match. 8 minutes ... 10 minutes ... 15 minutes ... There were 150 fans waiting to see the match. The TD allowed it. His call.

323July 6, 2022Beth

I disagree with this suggested change. After speaking to the on-court referee and the player, the head ref should be able to make a decision that he/she deems is in the best interest of both players and the game given his/her assessment of the situation.

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