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273April 9, 2022judy


No rally scoring,
Check out Rodney analysis.
Who would go to a tournament and be out way too soon with rally scoring?

273April 20, 2022Gary

Don't like rally scoring

273April 23, 2022Rick

Please no rally scoring. Why make our game like every other game? The uniqueness of this sport is what makes it special.

273May 10, 2022Aleta

Agree with Rick. Most players I know do not want rally scoring.

273May 10, 2022Bennie

I am against Rally Scoring. I agree with Rick and Aleta's comments. Let's keep pickleball unique.

273May 11, 2022Howard

NO NEVER RALLY SCORING. The current method of scoring is a huge part of what makes this game so fun and wonderful. The game is never over until it is over. It actually would change the way the game is played as the score gets closer to the winning score. I love it that “they can’t win if they can’t score” aspect of Pickleball.

If the pros want to do it for increasing TV revenue then that is fine. Let the pros decide.
No matter how long each game is in tennis they have never made it rally scoring. If Tennis removed the ad it would destroy the game. PLEASE DO NOT DESTROY PICKLEBALL.

273June 9, 2022tom

I am not in favor of rally scoring. Agree with other comments above.

273June 11, 2022Bill

I feel the proposed rule is poorly worded. I was especially confused by the last sentence: "Goes with the above-mentioned style of play with alternated serves. Best score style for alternate serve style play."

273June 19, 2022Tyler

I will add my voice to no rally scoring.

I will also add my objection to the two serve attempts. It is a smaller court, faster moving, and we prize balance of accuracy, power, consistency. With participation being predominantly doubles, teams already have a "second attempt" serve when the 1st serve on each side faults. No need to drive games to be longer due to faults on a court of this size.

273June 29, 2022DARIN

I believe that this terribly worded rule change suggestion is about rally scoring. I am absolutely against rally scoring. Anyone that I've ever played with would continue to use the scoring as it is even if you change the rule.

273July 12, 2022Chuck

We don't want rally scoring.

273July 27, 2022Tim

This proposal is poorly worded, confusing, and competely unnecessary. First, rally scoring is just a bad idea. Second, the purpose of this proposal seems to be simply to make life easier for tournament directors.

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