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268April 9, 2022judy


Not a good one.

By this is a player could not ask the partner what they saw.

268May 11, 2022Howard

This rule change is unnecessary. You should be able to question calls in a polite manner. In all my years I have experienced many many calls that have been questioned politely and then changed.
Changing this rule will be harmful and give some players the opening for them to call all close line calls “OUT”. This is a part of the culture that make pickleball so great. Being respectful of your opponents. So many times opponents have the better view of the shot.

268May 25, 2022DENNIS

Not sure why this is in rulebook if there's no associated penalty for violating it. Players continue to question calls because there is no enforcement mechanism or anything to discourage it from happening.

268June 8, 2022tom

I disagree with this proposed change and I agree with Howard's comments. It could not have been stated better.

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