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266April 9, 2022judy

Simple fix. Just add,
“ unless there is a NVZ infraction by the player who hit the ball.”

If the player who hit the ball commits a NVZ violation, that player/team loses the point.

266April 20, 2022Nick

This rule change is not needed as the scenario is incorrect. The dead ball does not negate the possibility of a nvz fault by the player who struck the ball. 8.E makes clear that a nvz fault is still possible after a ball is dead.

266July 6, 2022Beth

Unnecessary rule change. Several rules already address NVZ infractions and timing (e.g. 8.E and 9.C).

266July 27, 2022Tim

I see the point for the desired change but am not sure that this is the best idea for that change. What simply needs to be done is to state which rule (8D or 9.C) has supremacy.

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