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219April 9, 2022judy

Nicely done. Good clean up.

219May 10, 2022Clark

Totally eliminate the call OUT for "player communication". Allow words like NO, DON'T, etc.

OUT is to be used strictly for a line call.

Too many players take advantage of that word OUT, calling it while the ball is still in the air. The word OUT CANNOT be used until the ball hits the surface.

219June 8, 2022Tom

I agree with this proposed edit. Simple, easy to understand, less room for ambiguity.

219June 15, 2022Michael

Yes, I like it. Takes out ambiguity.

219July 6, 2022Beth

The recommended change regarding the definition of "promptly" being redundant is true.

However, the wording of this rule needs further clarification. 1) The word "or" is subject to interpretation..."or before the ball becomes dead" could be several hits later which SHOULD NOT be allowed. 2) If a player hits an overhead that bounces close to the sideline near the NVZ and the receiver runs and "promptly" (in one second) hits the ball into the net, he may not have time to get the word "out" out of his mouth before the ball is dead...the out call in this case SHOULD BE allowed.

219July 11, 2022Kevin

Is there not an inherent contradiction in both the current and proposed rules? At the moment the ball lands out of bound the ball is dead by definition. Since the player has to wait until the ball lands to make a call it is actually impossible to call the ball out after the ball lands but prior to the ball being dead.

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