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1855May 17, 2024David

Do not understand the organizations continuous need to alter rules that are working fine for almost all players. I do not support this proposed change

1855May 17, 2024Michele

Great proposed rule!
Seems to resemble PPA’s new volley serve rule. With this implementation, there will be obligatory performance of the other 3 service motion requirements (impossible to be paddle high or not swing upward with this ball release requirement) & will help prevent all the intentional use of the “no fault authority” for non-officiated play that occurs, along with challenges and debate of whether one’s serve violates the volley serve 3 motion rules. Author’s justification well written and supported.
Part of this does need to include making violation an enforceable fault.

1855May 18, 2024Christie

No change.

1855May 21, 2024jin

A rule change is needed for the volley serve.
While this is an extreme change, It clears up the two most controversial aspects of the game.
The first is that in rec/social play, there are no enforcement of the rules for the three service motion violations no matter how egregious the violation is.
The second is that it is nearly impossible for the human eye to determine at the moment of impact if the the serve is in compliant with the three motion rules.

Requiring the ball to be released from the 'waist' level, while still not precise, provides a stationary view of the ball during the release.

1855May 28, 2024Rich

I do not support this change. Without a definition of "waist", or any way to identify that level on players based on different clothing being worn, body types, etc., this is still going to be ambiguous. You state that there is an intention to mirror the types of serves in tennis and table tennis, but then say that you are trying to reduce unpredictable spin. The serves in both of those sports are 1) intended to be part of a player's offense, and 2) often have a large amount of spin that is not apparent until the ball hits the receiver's side of the net. You can't have it both ways. Keep the existing rule.

1855May 28, 2024Brian

Please leave the rules for the volley serve unchanged. There is no need to alter the rules as they are currently written. It seems people are pushing to eliminate the volley serve from the game altogether so that everybody will have to utilize a drop serve to make the game easier for everybody. Please leave the rules for the volley serve in place as CURRENTLY written.

1855May 30, 2024Enrique

The intent of this proposed rule is good, but I fear that forcing every player to release the ball with their palm facing down will actually be detrimental to the serves performed by those recreational players who use the volley serve. This rule would not allow a player to toss the ball slightly when performing their serve, which is what a great number of players do. The PPA approach is purposely very restrictive, but it only apples to pros because pros have extremely developed skills and can easily manage this restriction, which is not the case for the vast majority of players. Furthermore, while there apparently was a service concern within the PPA pro tour, such a concern does not exist in pro play within the APP tour. And one can argue that serves in the APP tour add a nice variety to the game, while still being legal motions. Regarding recreational play, pickleball is still a very new sport and the general public is still very uninformed of the rules. In all sports, when playing without a referee, the players enforce their own rules without issue, because they know and understand the rules. Think of any rec basketball game in any part of the country where games are self-officiated. There is no need to change or restrict motions because everyone understands what is allowed and what is not. Pickleball play will evolve to the point where self-officiating will not be an issue and games will be played according to the rules, as is the case for all sports.

1855May 31, 2024Michael

Not in favor. This proposal make the assumption that releases at or below the waist makes upward motion and paddle below wrist automatic. Perhaps not, especially with a tall player. Let's keep all the service motion requirements.

1855May 31, 2024Howard

If one wants to hit a sidearm strike with paddle above the wrist, simply use a drop serve. No need to change the volley serve. Also, the requirement to drop the ball rather than toss the ball up is a good one but should be personal choice not a requirement.

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