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1845May 29, 2024Yolanda

I agree with the suggested rule change

1845May 29, 2024Shawn

The problem with this change is that the receiver has no correct position. The only positioning dictated during the rules is on the server. I don’t disagree with the intent but it may be better if a team could ask who the correct receiver is prior to serving

1845May 30, 2024Enrique

While I don’t believe that going back to applying faults for incorrect server / receiver would be beneficial and certainly not practical, we must recognize that intentional poaching of a serve by the incorrect receiver is being abused and is hurting the game. A player with a good serve can have every one of his serves negated by the incorrect receiver merely touching the ball and not even having to return it over the net. The replay then becomes a reward for unfair play. This proposed rule change may not be the appropriate solution, but the intentional poaching of the serve by the incorrect receiver needs to be a fault; not a replay. I favor a rule change that asses a fault if before the serve, the players or referee have explicitly identified the correct receiver.

1845May 30, 2024Don

I think the outcome is generally an improvement, but perhaps an unnecessary lengthy way to resolve the "wrong server" loophole. These seems to be little doubt about the need to clarify 4.B.9.a --but there is already a rule (4.B.7) that makes it a fault for the wrong receiver to return the serve. Since there is no required location for the receiver, then 4.B.9.a simply needs to have "server' inserted. For example: "If the referee or a player stops a rally in progress to correctly identify a SERVER position error, the rally shall be replayed."

In short, the rules should allow for a replay if there is an ERROR in server positioning, AND the rules should penalize a a non-receiver from incorrectly receiving the ball regardless of where they are standing.

1845May 31, 2024Fred

The intent of the change is good. The wording of the change is not. When the score IS CALLED there is no RALLY IN PROGRESS.

There is no required position for the receivers. It should simply be a fault for the wrong player to return the ball. If it is not clear who will be receiving, then the receiver should be required to make it clear who will be receiving. Then the wrong player is clearly at fault. Server may ask who will receive.

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