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1843May 18, 2024Christie

I can appreciate the possibility of needing a wider serving band, but 3 inches is excessive. The width of the typical sports watchband would be sufficient. 1.5 to 2 inches.

1843May 18, 2024James

The current rule is sufficient. I do not agree with the 3” size requirement. This would be popular with many players who like to wear this ID in their shoes.

1843May 21, 2024jin

The identification band should be wider than the rubber band currently used in many events. Not necessarily 3", but at least 1"

1843May 28, 2024Mark

Other than the Huntsman example, where it was easily seen, there isn't much justification for this seemingly arbitrary 3" requirement. There are many considerations when a TD selects the starting server identification for their tournament. Getting them for free is the most important consideration. Secondarily it is player comfort and ability to make them visible. Nationals had the three-inch American Flag terry cloth identification for two years, and the players, in general, disliked it immensely because it was too big on their wrists and effectively eliminated the option to wear it in their shoelaces. This is an idea in search of a better justification. Making it easier for referees is not a good reason. Experienced referees can referee a match without starting server bands and do so without error.

1843May 30, 2024Enrique

I am a referee and do not support this change. The increased cost alone would be hurtful to everyone across the board, including referees. The lack of referee proficiency can certainly be addressed by the Referee Program.

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