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1842May 19, 2024Trey

If the opponents are in disagreement with each other, then they simply can't make the clear call that is required by the rules. No rule change needed.

1842May 23, 2024Neal

The proposal basically shifts benefit of doubt from the opponents to the receiving team, which would actually be a clever move if the receivers don't want to make the call. However, rule 6.C.12. is already in place which would accomplish the same result.

Example: Ball lands, no prompt call was made, so it's considered IN. (6.C.3,9)
Receivers yield call to opponents. Opponents disagree, so ball is still considered IN. (current 6.C.5.)
One opponent overrules their partner's IN line call to make a final call of OUT (6.C.12).

 Rule Change ID Submitted From Comment