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1833May 16, 2024Dennis

4.K. covers wrong scores being called. The rally can be stopped and replayed, or it can be played out and stand, with the score being corrected afterwards. The crux of what this proposed rule is getting at is "what can be done about rules that have no enforcement or penalty in unofficiated matches?" This is something the Rules Committee needs to remedy, otherwise what is the point of having rules that don't have consequences when violated?

1833May 16, 2024Michele

Great idea. Though not sure how can enforce?
In rec play, one can choose to just walk off or not play with the intentional rule violator. In tournaments however, with far more tournaments and matches than referees available, need to somehow make the rules be the rules and enforceable.
Perhaps need make a distinction for tournament matches that do not have an official, that all players are EXPECTED to play by the rules throughout the tournament, and even in non officiated matches, in tournaments, faults are enforceable?
Agree somehow we need to bring sportsmanship back to the game; stop the abuse of the loophole that no faults are enforceable in non-officiated play.

1833May 19, 2024Trey

I think that current rules, such as 13.D.1.d., cover this as much as it can be covered at this time. Absent an official, we need to rely on the spirt of sportsmanship on which pickleball rules are founded.

Anyone can essentially cheat, stand their ground and not be punished for it, per rule. However, I believe this issue is self-correcting--because they will eventually find that no one will play pickleball with them.

 Rule Change ID Submitted From Comment