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1817May 16, 2024Dennis

The NVZ is defined for mini-singles in 2.B.5. "Centerline. The line down the center of the court on either side of the net extending from the NVZ to the baseline separating the odd and even service courts. For Mini-singles, the centerline shall also extend through the non-volley zone."

Yes, when playing crosscourt, a player can stand at the net in the out of bounds part of the NVZ and swat any balls hit in his direction. This would technically be a Standing Erne. But the other player can also lob over his head to counter this, or hit a hard body bag to make him think twice about standing so close. This is all part of the strategy that needs to be figured out when playing mini-singles and should be welcomed, not discouraged.

1817May 16, 2024Andrew

Dennis, 2.B.5 defines a center line. It says that the center line runs through the NVZ. Thus, it implies that the NVZ is the whole width of the court. This rule change would make that explicit.

Mini singles is broken if you can stand inside the NVZ and legally smack the ball at your opponent. There are many scenarios where there is no viable counter strategy.

1817May 19, 2024Trey

Mini-Singles is already different from regular pickleball is several ways, including serving to the box directly across instead of diagonal. This is another example of divergence from the normal game.

I think it's an interesting aspect that makes the game more exciting. It might result in more erne's, but it's not more advantageous for one side over the other. Plus it IS defendable (with a lob, for example)!

1817May 28, 2024Rich

I do not support this. There are multiple ways to avoid hitting a ball that can be Erne'd in this manner, including a wide dink or a lob over the player. This is an exciting element of this version of the game, and eliminating it would be detrimental to the fun and excitement of the game.

1817May 30, 2024Enrique

Please leave mini-singles as is. The nuances created by the format of play and the court actually enhance the game. Mini-singles is now being played at tournaments and it is evolving into a competition that requires precision and ingenuity. Let's not ruin it by restricting it.

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