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1802May 15, 2024Don

I do not see how this is an improvement to the current rule, which offers clear guidance on what EXACTLY a player must observe in order to call a ball "out." (A space between the line and ball) Replacing it with " a ball is IN if any portion of the ball is seen to be ON or OVER the line" does not change the fact that different locations on the court will yield different perspectives. It would take a significant improvement to the generally accepted existing line call technique in order to make any change--and this proposal does not offer any benefits over the current rule. More critically, approving this suggested rule change would also necessitate changing the NVZ line to "in" on a serve--and that is a major change that should not be undertaken lightly.

1802May 20, 2024Catherine

This is even more confusing! If I'm on the line/on top of the ball, and my partner is across from me, s/he is more likely to see a space. So if it's tight, I'll wait (and hope) that my partner across from me sees it; because I won't likely see the space if it lands close to the line, and I'm close to it/on top of it.

So, the new rule is that it's "in", even though your partner can clearly see a space?? Doesn't make sense.

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