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1789May 15, 2024Andrew

So this would make a new "3 bounce rule" in the game, with the 3rd bounce having to occur inside the NVZ? This isn't going to pass, nor should it. If you want to make this a house rule with your friends that is fine.

1789May 15, 2024Mike

If I'm reading this proposed rule change correctly, you suggest requiring a third shot drop into the NVZ (kitchen). However, the skill level required to consistently drop-shot is too high. You're looking at only 4.5+ above being able to get through a game.

I run drills with people doing Serve deep/Return deep /Drop-shot, and it takes months before people can do that with an 80%+ success rate. Your rule would require months of drilling just to get through your first game.

1789May 18, 2024James

Nooooooo! This is ridiculous and not practical. Please do not even entertain this rule.

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