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1783May 15, 2024Mike

The NVZ tends to make it so people are not close enough to make this a viable option. I would prefer we see evidence of this actually occurring before making a rule about it. We don't need to add rules for something that can only potentially happen once in a lifetime.

1783May 15, 2024Don

I appreciate that that badminton has this rule, but that hardly rises to a level of logic that warrants adding this as a rule to Pickleball. Conversely, blowing on the ball is not prohibited in baseball so does that even things out? Lets evaluate the proposal on its own merits: There are plenty of other techniques that influence Pickleball play (which also do not contact the ball) but are fully allowed: Blocking the view / perspective of the opponents ability to see a ball during a rally, letting a bounce serve bounce multiple times before hitting it, hitting a volley into the sun, hitting into a shadow on the court, stacking, etc. How can you prohibit blowing on the ball but then not disallow a 'paddle wave' at the net to influence where the ball lands? Then you'd have to outlaw fake swings, whose path could create an air disturbance, affecting the flight of the ball. This situation of a ball hardly seems to rise to a level necessitating a new rule. From a practical perspective, it seems quite unlikely that blowing on the ball would have any meaningful impact that even NEEDS to be prohibited. You could make the same argument "that players are now prohibited from serving a ball that has any large markings or moisture from sweat or precipitation as it could affect spin or ball flight" Seems like a rule for an overwhemingly uncommon event and even then play isn't practically affected.

1783May 19, 2024Trey

Blowing on the ball? Seems like we'd also need to address fanning the ball with the paddle, which I believe could generate greater air volume (and from a greater distance) than blowing (where the player's lips would need to be very close to the ball).

Not in favor of making additional (and incomplete) rules pertaining only to a VERY unlikely scenario.

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