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168July 4, 2021Don

Push-off faults are some of the hardest to call because the ref must watch the feet reestablish while listening for the "pop" of the ball. IMO all other NVZ faults are easier to call because once the swing starts (for me it is the movement of the paddle arm) all I need to watch is if the zone is touched at any point until the player regains bodily control. This requirement to make all NVZ faults basically the same as a push-off fault makes the ref's job much, much harder.

168July 11, 2021Kevin

Under the Proposed Rule if my paddle were to touch in the NVZ prior to striking the ball it would not be a fault, assuming my feet are on the ground outside of the kitchen. My paddle touches the kitchen as I start my swing and I reestablish my position outside of the NVZ between the time my paddle lifts off the surface and before I hit the ball.

The intent of the proposed rule change has merit but I don't think the wording is quite right.

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