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1175May 11, 2023Randi

I'd like to piggy-back on this item to suggest a Revision to 11.E. Broken or Cracked Ball
The current rule title only mentions Broken or Cracked Ball, but the body of the rule then discusses degraded and soft balls. Broken and cracked balls are dealt with differently than a degraded and/or soft ball. The rule also talks about the way these scenarios are remedied in officiated and non-officiated matches. It seems to me that the two different circumstances should be discussed more specifically in two separate parts of the rule.

Proposed: 11.E. Broken, Cracked, Degraded or Soft Ball. If any player suspects the ball is or becomes broken, cracked, degraded, or soft after the serve, play must continue until the end of the rally.

In officiated matches, players may appeal to the referee before the next serve occurs to determine if a ball is broken, cracked, degraded, or soft. If, in the judgment of the referee, a broken or cracked ball impacted the outcome of a rally, the referee will call for a replay with a replacement ball. If both teams agree that the ball is degraded or soft, the ball will be replaced, but there is no replay of the prior rally.

In non-officiated matches, if both teams agree, players may replace a ball that has broken, cracked, degraded, or become soft before the next serve occurs. In the case of a broken or cracked ball, if the players agree the broken or cracked ball impacted the prior rally, a replay occurs. If the players do not agree that a broken or cracked ball impacted the outcome of the prior rally, the prior rally stands as played. If both teams agree that the ball is degraded or soft, the ball will be replaced, but there is no replay of the prior rally.

1175May 11, 2023Gene

Yes. KISS. Referee may replace any ball he/she deems defective in any way with or without request by a player. Players may request replacement by the referee.
In non-officiated play, all players must agree to replace a ball that is questioned by a player(s).

1175May 16, 2023Larry

A referee should not want to make a decision about how soft is too soft, or how round a ball has to be. I can not believe a player would want to play with a severely degraded ball just to spite their opponent.

1175May 16, 2023Margot

I support this rule change. The referee hand book is confusing regarding this where it says that the referee should examine the ball to determine whether it is damaged and if so, issue a replacement ball. This perhaps refers to the other players all agreeing to getting a new ball, but that isn't clear. It would be nice to have the authority to issue the replacement ball to prevent gamesmanship if requested by a player.

1175May 23, 2023Pamella

In my opinion, a degraded/soft ball will be replaced and requires that all 4 players agree. Don't put the referee into the middle to determine how out of round does it have to be to replace, how soft is too soft etc. Referees should not interject themselves into players' matches....the degraded/soft ball needs to be agreed upon by all players. The cracked/broken ball is objective and is fine as written.

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