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1135May 9, 2023Stan

No need to change this. Allowing the opportunity to call a time out after the score is called but prior to the serve works well as it gives time for both teams to make a time out decision.

1135May 19, 2023Sandy

The current rule is fine. It is all a part of strategy to know when to call time outs.

1135May 23, 2023Pamella

The current rule is fine.....players may not realize the score until it is called by the referee and allowing a player to call for a TO prior to contact of the ball on the serve is fair. No change needed to this rule.

1135May 28, 2023Don

It is impossible to tell exactly when a referee will start to call the score. This unknown factor will undoubtedly lead to arguments and disputes when a player calls a time-out just as the referee starts to call the score. The current rule is black and white and players know when the serve is about to occur. The aspect of "gamesmanship" is a very rare occurrence and not worth adding the upcoming disputes that will arise form this rule change.

 Rule Change ID Submitted From Comment