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1133May 9, 2023Stan

Please no. It would cause delays in submitting the scoresheet trying to chase down a member of a losing team to sign a scoresheet. The losing team has no desire to sign the sheet and may even refuse to do so. Let them be.

1133May 10, 2023Michael

Strongly NOT in favor. I never want to be forced to chase the losing team around. Often they just bolt after the game. Imagine you just called a NVZ fault on the Receivers in game 3, Score was 10-9. Now Point Game Match... etc. And now you have to chase the team you just faulted and ask them to sign the scoresheet?? Trouble....

1133May 16, 2023Randi

If this change is made a penalty would have to be determined for a (potentially disgruntled) team that refuses to sign the scoresheet at the end of the match.

1133May 19, 2023Sandy

I would agree to this if the signing of the losing team is removed. The end of the match could be when the winning team verifies and signs the scoresheet. That eliminates trying to get the losing team to sign it.

1133May 23, 2023Pamella

I don't feel it necessary to require the loosing team to sign a scoresheet.....what are you going to do when they leave court or refuse to sign. This will lead to unnecessary delays in moving matches along.

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