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112June 27, 2021Tim

I think this proposed change has some merit. I’m also a referee and it would make our jobs a little easier. Starting servers on each team would still wear the server bands (as the #1 server throughout the game) and keeping track of correct player positions would still be necessary for refs and players. But, it would certainly make determining who is the correct server easier for all concerned.

112July 4, 2021Don

So nothing was mentioned about how the receiving team would "line up". I assume they would still line up according to their score? So after a side out, the serving team has 4 and the receiving team has 5. So the starting server (band) player would serve from the left court to the banded player on the receiving team. I can see the merit on making it easier on the ref for the serving team, but it seems like more thought is going to be needed to ensure the receiving team's correct receiver.

112July 8, 2021Tim

A big advantage of this would be that BOTH TEAMS know exactly where to stand and exactly who is serving just by knowing the score.

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