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1116May 5, 2023Sandy

NO. Way too much expense having to change all the existing courts around the world for this to be implemented. The founders of the game knew what they were doing when they came up with the dimensions of the court, and it does not need to be changed.

1116May 8, 2023James

Adding an 8 ft NVZ line to existing courts would require substantial cost to existing courts and adds possible confusion to NVZ line calls, especially to newer players. The play style changes with various physiques of players but opponents need to deal with such variety. Witness basketball did not change net height due to dunks in the paint. Players started 3 pt shots to open up the middle.

1116May 11, 2023Gene

No. Will make game more difficult for average player. Requires increased mobility that to cover dinks and other shots in larger kitchen area. Decreases service court area and increases fault area for serves. Current game fundamentals should not be altered to address size and athleticism of individual players.

1116May 21, 2023george

No..would require massive expenses on thousands of courts for the and provide zero net benefit to the great mass of players who are pleaying rec level PB against other rec level players AND who have difficulty covering 7x20 and don't need to cover more kitchen space AND learn to cover the incoming volleys from further back and lower on their bodies or at their feet.

 Rule Change ID Submitted From Comment