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109June 27, 2021Robert

I totally agree that the underhand serve is commonly violated to gain speed, lower trajectory, and increase ball spin. I also agree that the hip vs waist change might help. However I feel that the main violation is that the underhand motion requirement is the the most violated principal. Most servers are using a side arm motion and bringing the paddle across the body during the follow through instead of maintaining the specified underhand motion. I believe that the follow through should continue a upward motion after the initial contact with the ball

109July 10, 2021Dave

It is not difficult at all to determine the level of the navel, but top of hip isn’t that bad either. Because the navel is at the same exact height. The best rule would simply state that “ The ball must be served BELOW the navel. If any part of the ball touches the navel that is a fault.” The navel would provide a good reference point. Bob is on to something though. “The ball must be served below the top of the hip bone” would also work.
The word that really has to go is “waist.” A hip bone is about 8 inches in height. You can fit more than three pickleballs in that space!!! Thus the waist is not a reference point. Hence the difficulty in determining if a serve is legal or not. The navel and top of the hip are.
Like I said, Bob is on to something and I agree with his concept. It has actually been one of my pet peeves and I have been trying to submit the same rule change but have not been able to figure out how. It’s July 9th and the deadline is July 10th. Mark Piefer told me that he has authorized my submission but I don’t really know what that means. Does that mean he sent it in or do I still have to do it? I would prefer not to have to wait until next year to submit my idea.

109July 17, 2021Jan

I agree that the rule that the paddle must be below the wrist is way to confusing to implement and will lead to arguments that could not be resolved on court. The game has evolved and less restrictions should be placed on the serve. The below the hip is all we need.

 Rule Change ID Submitted From Comment