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1047April 29, 2023Diane

Often receivers want this fault called by the referee if the timing of the ball strike is marginal, in order to earn an easy 'Second Server' or 'Side Out' call. Eliminating this fault puts the referee in charge of the call with no discussion or argument from the receivers.

1047April 30, 2023Diane

In MMP Sanctioned tournaments, servers are used to calling their own score. Then when they get to a Pre-Medal round, they have to change their rhythm/routine. Sometimes this results in their timing being off for hitting the serve as the referee is calling the score.

1047May 2, 2023Randi

I think this makes understanding the different timing issues with the current rule become a non-issue. This could be a positive change.

1047May 3, 2023Stan

This is a positive change for all the players.

1047May 3, 2023Pam

I'm in support of the suggested rule change as I have seen a number of teams over the years, less than 4.0 and skill level, who are so embarrassed when they forget to wait for the referee to call the score completely.

1047May 5, 2023Sandy

I agree with this change. Many new players to tournaments don't know to wait for the score to be called and serve during the calling of the score and get a fault. This would eliminate that.

1047May 16, 2023Norman

I am opposed to this rule change. I have had players serve before I start the score call just to rile me after a fault, knowing that its not a fault, just a replay. If they could get away with serving during the score call they could seriously disrupt the game and the concentration of the players and the referee, doing it whenever they felt like it. This rule makes the players pay attention to the referee, which helps us manage the match. Once a player is faulted for this they seldom do it again.

1047May 16, 2023Larry

I do not think this is a good idea to change. A player wanting to upset the other team or a referee can do 10 serves in a row while the score is being called. that would be 10 reserves and would be delaying the game. it should be a fault or just play the serve. a replay can cause a lot of issues, delay the game and allow gamesmanship in the match.

1047May 16, 2023Jo

The existing rule is clear and easy to administer for a referee and should be easy to follow by the player should they chose to be patient. Players need to read the rules and they need to understand the consequence of not following a rule. If replays are allowed, players can use it as gamesmanship. I am not for this at is becomes harder to administer.

1047May 24, 2023Susan

I disagree with the suggestion to make an early serve a replay in either recreation OR in officiating play. This is a simple rule and one of the basic components of pickleball as originally designed and listed 4A1 in the rule book as the first component of a serve. It is a rule that is easy to follow and allows all players equal time. I would suggest the rule also include the basic guideline to serve within 10sec (any play setting) .We should expect all players to know the basic rules of pickleball in either rec or competitive play.
As a referee, I ask all players in the pregame if they know the rules, have read the pretournament guidelines, and/or have had experience with a referee. if anyone says no....I then explain that the referee calls they full score before service may occur along with the player/referee responsibilities of line calling. Players are appreciative and have unfortunately stated that this basic rule is often not known or followed.
My hope is that clubs and coaches will focus on instilling the basics of pickleball in all play so when people progress to tournaments, it is second nature.
I do know that as a referee, if I give a fault to someone who does and early serve, and explain the reason, they do not do it again. Just the same, if they serve before I call the score and learn the ball was dead and will not be played, they rarely if ever do the same again.
Lets educate, not change the rules.

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