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1042April 25, 2023Walt

Seems to make sense initially. Would other fault rules be impacted to include wheelchair player's feet touching the ground or aiding the wheelchair to move, turn, or stop?

Would a situation arise where the referee would have to constantly watch the wheelchair player's feet anytime it's on the court to ensure the player's feet were never used to assist in moving, turning, or stopping the wheelchair. Would there be an unlimited time limit like NVZ momentum?

1042May 31, 2023Marsha

A committee was convened by USA Pickleball in 2020 to consider the needs of wheelchair players. USA Pickleball did adopt the committee's request for wheelchair rules to be integrated throughout the rulebook rather than collected in a single section. However, the main proposal (shown below) was inadvertently not incorporated into the rulebook and is counter to the restrictions proposed by rule change 1042. The wheelchair rules also need to address the small wheels that are now built into the back of some wheelchairs.


Wheelchair Player: Any person, with or without a disability, who plays seated in a wheelchair. The wheelchair is considered to be part of the player's body.

Any wheelchair player that uses their leg(s) to propel the chair is still considered a wheelchair player unless they stand and are no longer seated in the wheelchair. They are then considered a standup player for that volley and will play under standup rules. If they return to the seated position, they will then be considered a wheelchair player and play under all wheelchair rules. This change is allowed in the middle of a service point. A wheelchair player cannot stand up, and take two or more steps standing.

If playing in a special wheelchair event such as Wheelchair Doubles, the wheelchair player must remain seated at all times.

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