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1035May 30, 2023Marsha

I agree that the amount of time should be shorter to report a server or position error in the last rally of a match. The error should be identified before the referee leave the court so the players can be quickly reconvened.

1035April 27, 2023Ron

Obviously, it's always going to be the winning team who had the wrong or out of position server so, of course, they're going to be incentivised to sign the scoresheet as quickly as possible. There's nothing wrong with the correct rule and allowing as much time as reasonable to get the score correct.

1035April 25, 2023Walt

What would the change be for unofficiated play? Many tournaments have court monitors or pod managers that collect a winning player's initials before the scoresheet is turned into tournament ops. Others have a winning player turn in the scoresheet (clipboard, basket, etc.) to tournament ops where the scoresheet is initialed. Does it make sense to broaden the change to somehow include those and other similar situations?

 Rule Change ID Submitted From Comment