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1025April 25, 2023Walt

It simplifies who the starting server is at the start of every game... the banded player. Teams must be responsible for their actions and must notify the referee or their opponents if they plan to change servers between games in a multi-game match. How would it be handled if they do switch the band and don't notify the referee or their opponents? Still a fault for notification failure even thought the starting server is wearing the band?

1025April 26, 2023Kevin

Like it!!!!!

1025April 29, 2023Dave

I like this suggested rule change. Players should be responsible for informing the referee that they want to change starting servers. The referee should then be allowed to remind them to switch the band to the other server. However, even if they don't inform the referee but switch the band to the other player, the referee would/should see the band before starting the game and calling the score and make the necessary adjustments to the scoresheet and inform the receiving team that the players have changed starting servers. If they don't inform the referee and the non-banded player serves as the starting server a fault is called. The game has begun, and it should be too late to make a change at that point. It seems arbitrary to allow it after the first serve but not later. This rule change would save time and confusion during a match. The process for changing starting servers could be added to the instructions that players receive prior to the start of the tournament.

1025May 2, 2023Georgeann

The players have a responsibility. This puts the onus on the players to notify either the Reffing in reffed matches or opponents in non-reffed matches

1025May 2, 2023Andrea

Love this rule change suggestion. It should be a fault if not told to the referee in advance or the opponents without a referee. There must be consequences.

1025May 5, 2023Margot

I support this rule and feel strongly that the penalty should be a fault. The players are making a conscious decision to make the change and it should be mandatory to inform the referee of the change. The referee would then be able to make sure the band is placed where it can be seen by the ref and players and see that the opponents are informed of the change.

1025May 9, 2023Susan

I support this rule change for all the same reasonings noted by author. New ruling places responsibility on the players to notify both officials and opponents and a clear example of good sportsmanship and communication. The importance of identifying and wearing a band at both recreation play and tournaments is so valuable for all and should be maintained every game of a multigame match. At the prematch briefing, the first component is introductions and identification of who is first server, if a player refuses to wear their first server band when the match starts, he or she has two choices, to have partner be first server and wear the identifying band (or replacement authorized by tournatment director) or forfeit the game, Even in recreation play, I make a point of identifying first server on each team to all players and it helps so much with understanding the game, scoring and disputes.

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