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1017April 11, 2023Robert

Why do this only for Pros? I realize that they are the only ones who will have live streaming, but why should they get special privileges for that? If we can't expect the Pros to keep this straight and give them a pass, my opinion is that we should do the same for amateurs, who arguably need even more help keeping their positions straight.

Is this the first 'Pro-only' rule suggestion? Do we want to set a precedent where we have different rules based on the player level?

1017April 22, 2023Maree

The ability of ANY player in an officiated match to receive help from the referee is unlimited - the player need only ASK. Why create an exemption for pro players?

A recent PPA gold medal women's doubles match had an incorrect server score a point even though PPA events allow referees to "nudge" these pro players into position. While the rally "played in good faith" rationale was promoted, it was to the detriment of the opponent in a GOLD MEDAL match.

Referees are trained to look up from their score sheets with a vision of what they should see on the court. Having done this, the referee is prepared to provide a VERY QUICK answer to any player's query, "Am I the correct server?", "What's my score?", "Are we good?"

I'm not aware of another professional sport being concerned that their pros not knowing the rules, being "embarrassed", deserve coaching by the officials.

1017April 28, 2023Bill

This is a form of coaching and why are we doing this for the pros. If there is any member or team that should be an example of how to act and play the game, and know where they should be on the court it is the pros. We shouldn't be making rules that only affect the pros.

1017May 5, 2023Sandy

Why do it for just pro's and senior pro's? If it makes the game flow better, why not just make sure everyone is in the correct position before calling the score? It could be worded like the rule that says to call the score when all players are ready or should be ready. Call the score when all players are in the correct positions, and if they are not, then put them in the correct positions and call the score. Then the amateurs and pro's are treated alike.

1017May 24, 2023Pam

I believe that this rule should be implemented but include all players in a refereed match. The game originated for children, teaching them to play fair and exhibit good sportsmanship. This rule, If adopted, should be extended to all players.

1017May 31, 2023Melody

I do not believe we should reposition any players. There is the ability to ask about positioning.
I do not believe rules should be instituted because of live streaming or broadcast requests. If the rule is good for the sport then it should be adopted for all players. Can you imagine an amateur player watching a pro match prior to competing as an amateur at that same tournament. The amateur player sees the referee reposition the PRO player. Then the amateur player goes to compete in an amateur bracket and also expects to be repositioned however they are faulted by the referee instead of being repositioned.
If it is a good rule then it is a good rule for all players. No reason to favor the pro players over the amateur players.

1017May 31, 2023Doug

I do not support this change. It turns referees into scorekeepers. However, if it were segregated as an optional rule for Tournament Directors to use for any players, that would work. Then referees can decide of they want to go to a tournament and referee or be a score keeper.

If we do this, then why call foot faults? The average TV viewer has no idea what the rules of the sport are, so why stop here? If a Pro looks silly because they are out of position, that is on them, not the referee or the sport.

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