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1016April 12, 2023Diane

I fully support this change, it will make it clear that the receiver is in the correct position, regardless of whether the server is in the correct position or is the correct server.

1016April 30, 2023Diane #2

Answering 'Yes' to the current allowed question - Am I the correct Receiver? - is untruthful if the Server is serving from the wrong position. Just tell the players that they are in the Correct Position.

1016May 16, 2023Walt

I agree with you Diane. We lie to the receiver when they ask if they are the correct receiver when they may just want to know if they are in the correct position. I think removing the question "Am I the correct receiver" is a good idea.

1016May 16, 2023Margot

I agree with this rule change. There was also the possibility with the current method of answering yes if the player was in the correct position that the player would move to the incorrect position if the server realized he/she was wrong and changed positions. If the receiver thought he was the correct receiver, he/she might feel the need to change also.
This rule correction would be more honest and would assure the receiver that he/she would be correct in not moving.

1016May 17, 2023Michael

Perhaps we don't need to DELETE words from the rulebook as suggested. Correct receivers in the correct position are still going to ask the Referee, "Am I the correct receiver?" Valid question. Answer YES.

The suggestion posed here is GOOD and should be adopted in the casebook as indicated. Many of us don't like the idea that we are forced to answer the question with an "untruth". By adopting this suggestion to the casebook we get to answer the question (indirectly perhaps), but at least truthful. Per the casebook scenario.... "Am I the correct receiver?" Referee answers, "You are in the correct position." A true statement. BTW: Would a Vulcan referee be unable to answer the question per the casebook?

1016May 31, 2023Marsha

I agree with this rule proposal. However, we could be just as well served by leaving the current rule intact and modifying our procedure for answering the "Am I the correct receiver?" question as some players will inevitably ask even if it is not technically allowed.

Rule 4.B.8 is designed to help the players avoid a fault by allowing them to ask for certain information from the referee. To avoid a "gotcha," any question from a player about the score, server or receiver, or position could be considered all-encompassing since the players are entitled to ask for all of the information (i.e., "Am I good?"). If asked any of the questions, the referee would be allowed to correct any issues in serving sequence and/or positions for the team/player that is the subject of the inquiry or that asks about the score. So, if a player asks either a question about the correct server or correct receiver, the referee will truthfully answer by saying:
1) "Yes" or "Yes, and you are in the correct position."
2) "Yes, but you are not in the correct position."
3) "No, but you are in the correct position."
4) "No, and you are not in the correct position."
The same approach would be applied to answering "Am I in the correct position?"

Some rewording of rule 4.B.8. may be required to promote this approach as suggested below:
Before the serve occurs, any player may ask the referee for the score, who is the correct server or receiver, and/or whether any player is in an incorrect position. If a player asks for any of this information or asks a generic question such as “Am I good?,” the referee shall respond and identify any serving sequence error and/or position error for the team or player that is the subject of the question, or the team or player that asks for the score. For non-officiated play, a player may ask the opponent the same questions and the opponent shall respond with the appropriate information.

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