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1008April 24, 2023Tom

I am in favor of referees having the ability to issue a violation after a match. I refereed a pro match in which after the match one of the players gave her opponent the finger and yelled F*** you! There were spectators who witnessed it. I told the head ref, but in cases like this I believe there should be immediate consequences.

1008May 3, 2023Nancy

Players need to be held accountable for their actions. Referees should be able to call a penalty if anything happens on their court until all players leave the court. I support this suggestion.

1008May 4, 2023Diane

I heartily support this. There should be consequences for violations after the completion of a match. Just because a match is over, a player doesn't have license to do Technical Foul worthy actions without appropriate repercussions.

1008May 8, 2023Diahann

I agree with this suggestion up to the point the referee leaves the court. Once the referee leaves the court it is no longer that referees match.

1008May 20, 2023Michael

I am in favor as well. In some form that can immediately discipline a winning team for egregious behavior after the end of a match.

But there could be a real "nightmare scenario" for a referee. The simple version of this new rule would have a Team serving in Game 3 at 10-7-1. Then win the rally, and the Ref (in strict adherence to the script) announces the end of match. However the winning team then f bombs and slurs the losers. Referee announces the TF, point deduction, reset at 10-7-1.

But what if the "winning" team had ALREADY been assessed a TF (or two TWs). In this case you have a Team winning a rally, and the game and match. And then the Ref announces the TF and a MATCH FORFEIT. Call security!

1008May 30, 2023Marsha

I favor this proposal to allow the assessment of penalties until the referee and players leave the court.

1008May 31, 2023Melody

I am in favor of this change. If the penalty involves removing a point that new lower score does impact a player’s rating. This may encourage better behavior by players that have lost their second and finale loss for that bracket.

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