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1004April 11, 2023Walt

It does add clarity to the rule and would allow a team to call timeout if they have any remaining. Rule 12.F.2. (During a match, if a player/team cannot immediately continue after the 15-minute medical time-out period has expired, a Retirement will be imposed.) would also have to be changed.

1004April 15, 2023Randi

I support this proposed rule change. If a player/team has standard time-outs remaining, they should be allowed to use them before or after using a medical time-out.

1004May 4, 2023Diane

It seems sensible to allow this. If a team has 1 minute Time Outs remaining, let them use them up, assuming both partners agree.

1004May 20, 2023Michael

Players are currently allowed to call regular timeouts after the expiration of the 15 minute MTO, however it would be a good idea to codify this. I would suggest a slight rewording to this proposal. We should not say we are "extending" the MTO. 15 minutes has passed so it is over. Sorry, though I cannot come up with a good way to say this.

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